Get Your AdSense Account Approved Within a Few Hours

This guide is completely based on my own experience. I’ve worked with this technique of getting approval of AdSense application many a times for my friends and it worked every time. What I like about this technique is that it is completely genuine & white-hat.
Below are some advantages of this technique:
  1. Quick Approval.
  2. Allowed by Google.
  3. Very Easy to work with.
  4. Easy integration with Blogger and WordPress.
Before I start I want to say that this is a technique which should be used if you’re disappointed every time you apply for AdSense. Now we all know that approval of AdSense account is like a dream come true for the newbie bloggers who has started blogging in order to earn money. But many bloggers don’t possess an approved AdSense account even after applying for many times. And, their dream remains a dream.

Why my AdSense account is disapproved every time?

The only reason for a disapproved account is: AdSense has many rules & policies and here is where we make mistakes. We don’t read the guidelines carefully and as a result get our account disapproved.
Some important guidelines to follow are:
  1. Your blog should contain quality content.
  2. Your blog shouldn’t contain thin content (less than 400 words posts).
  3. Your blog shouldn’t contain adult content.
  4. Your blog posts should not contain any links to low quality / adult sites.
  5. You should provide a valid postal address of yours.
If you are abide by the above guidelines, then there’s more probability that your application will be approved.
After approval of your application ads will not appear right away. Ads will only appear after the 2nd review, review of your site. If Google thinks your site has no copyright content and it is following every AdSense policy, then ads will start appearing. What a moment that will be! I still remember when my ads started appearing after times of submitting my application for AdSense. I didn’t get it approved at once. But it’s not that you will not get approved at once. If you’re OK with each and every policy, ads will start appearing without any issue.

Why my AdSense got deactivated? Why ads are not appearing now?

AdSense may be deactivated because of the following reasons:
  1. Clicking on your own ads.
  2. Placing ads on site containing adult or copyright content.
  3. Encouraging visitors to click on Ads or creating incentives to click on ads.
  4. Using more than recommend ads.

How many ads can be shown per page?

Ads for content: Up to three ad units and three link units may be placed on each page.
Ads for search: A maximum of two Google Custom search boxes may be placed per page.
If you’ve not went against any of the above rules then you can reapply for AdSense here:
If you’ve a blogger blog then you need to apply or reapply from inside your Earnings tab.
Damn! I’m OK with each and every guideline & I’ve not went against any policy.

Why my account is disapproved then???

It is a very popular question among newbies. But let me tell you that Google also sees the amount of content a site has and the site’s popularity (the no. of visitors it gets daily). I don’t know why they look up to such things; but yes, these things matters.
You may have probably received a notification like this:
The account associated with publisher ID ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has been disapproved.
This problem can be due to an incomplete address or may be because of going against any policy. If you’ve fixed the problems then you can reapply it from inside blogger by clicking on “Google dashboard” present in the Earnings tab (new interface) in blogger or by going to…

But if you’re getting this notification even after fixing then you can apply with a new email. But, that will take time and result may be the same notification again. So, in order to solve these problems you need to take the help of 3rd party sites like Indyarocks. When you sign up to Indyarocks you need to complete your profile and apply for AdSense. When you do so, AdSense directly gets activated and ads start appearing on your Indyarocks profile. So, without taking much time I am going to tell you the coolest way to get AdSense approved just in a few hours.
You just need to follow these steps to get your account approved:
  1. Create an account on Indyarocks.
  2. Visit your profile & click Earnings.
  3. Now check eligibility to Earn. If you are not eligible then there will be some dos which you have to complete. After doing them checks again and this time you will be eligible to earn.
  4. Now click Start Earning, use your email id & make an AdSense account. (You may require confirming. So, do check your mail.)
  5. After sometime your ads will start appearing on your Indyarocks Profile.
So, your account is approved now. And it’s time to integrate it with Blogger or WordPress.

Integrate with Blogger.

Now it’s time to integrate AdSense to Blogger.
  1. Go to Earnings on your Blog & click “Switch Account”. Then use a different AdSense account if the blogger email id is different. Enter the details & click “Link this Account.” [Check your mail once again]
  2. Make ads appear on your blog by using the options present in the Earnings tab.
Now wait a few hours as some time will require for ads to be displayed on your blog.

Integrate with WordPress.

WordPress don’t require integration. You just need to place ad codes for ads to display in your blog.
  1. Go to & login to your account.
  2. Click on My Ads & create new ads.
  3. Select the size of the ad and click “save and get code”.
  4. Copy the code.
  5. Now go to WordPress dashboard and select plugins.
  6. Click on “Add new” & type “Quick AdSense”. You can also use the “Easy AdSense lite” plugin.
  7. Install any of the two plugin and activate it.
  8. Now go to settings and select the plugin.
  9. Paste the code and select its placement. Then click on save.
Just wait for some time & ads will start appearing on your blog.
So, that’s all you need to do to get your account approved. But always remember not to go against any policy.
Currently Indyarocks works no more as they have done some chages.
Two Indyarocks Alternatives: & You can try them.
AdSense is the best ad program to earn money online as it is the highest paid among all.
So enjoy the benefits.